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Initial criteria for inclusion in The Wheaton Group agency family:

  • Safe, accessible and secure warehouse facility commensurate with
    market size

  • Willingness/commitment to shelve interstate operating authority

  • Three years minimum (documented) successful business operation

  • Desire to operate in a van line agency family environment

  • Sufficient infrastructure to successfully collaborate with fellow agents and Wheaton Group corporate office

  • Sales staffing that allows for sustainable growth

  • Sufficient hauling capacity to accommodate self-haul range as a minimum

  • Ability to perform move management and customer services as needed

  • Safety cleared, sufficiently trained crews for performing moves and assisting drivers

  • Compliant and current with all insurance requirements, including workers' compensation interstate endorsements

For more information, contact:

Kregg Boreani
Director of Agency Recruiting
Phone: 317.558.0771 | Email: kregg_boreani@wvlcorp.com

Fred McBroom

Vice President, Agency Development & Claims

Phone: 317.558.0768 | Email: fred_mcbroom@wvlcorp.com

All inquiries will be kept confidential.